One of the most common questions homeowners ask about their roof is “is it time to replace it?” Perhaps you have seen indications of wear and tear on the roof. Maybe a strong storm recently came through your region and your roof suffered a lot of damage.  

On a lot of occasions, there are noticeable signs that indicate you need a new roof. However, roof damage can often sneak up on your house without a warning.  

If you think that your roof has been damaged, you need to hire a professional roofing service Fort Myers FL right away.  

Mossy, Missing, or Curling Shingles 

On several occasions, you can see roof damage even if you’re on the ground. Shingles are the gateway to your roof. Thus, if you see cracked, curling, or missing shingles whenever you look at the roof, you probably have to replace it.  

A couple of the most common forms of noticeable shingle damage include: 

  • Damage around skylights or chimneys 
  • Algae or moss growth 
  • Missing granules 
  • Discoloration or damage around vents 
  • Missing or loose shingles 
  • Curled or damaged shingles 
  • Cracked shingles 

Also, it is a wise move to examine your gutters for shingle debris. If you find debris in the gutters, it can mean that your shingles are almost at the end of their lifespan and starting to deteriorate.  

If you notice any indications of damage on the roof, it is an excellent sign that you have to replace it. You should schedule an inspection with a roofer to help you figure out if you need to replace the roof or you can simply fix it.  

Interior Water Damage 

A noticeable leak is not the only indication of a leaky roof. Most of the time, a leaky roof will be evident if you see water damage. Oftentimes, this looks like water spots, stains, or streaks in the walls, ceiling, or attic of your house.  

Water damage can be caused by other problems. This includes a faulty faucet, leaking appliance, or a burst pipe. However, it is probably caused by a leaky roof if it is showing up near the tops of your walls, on the ceiling, or up in the attic.  

On this occasion, the ideal thing you can do is to hire a reliable roofer to examine your roof and figure out if it is the source of the leak.  

If the roofer found a leak, they’ll figure out the extent of the damage and will provide the ideal solution. Typically, they’ll recommend installing a new roof.  

Noticeable Leaks 

One of the most common indications that you require a new roof is a noticeable leak. Roof leaks happen because of a lot of things. This includes storm damage, worn-out materials, and more.  

Water can seep in through the shingles and into the rest of your home as roofing materials deteriorate. This results in water intrusion. Sometimes, you will notice puddles inside your house during heavy rain.  

You might need to consider replacing your roof if you’ve got a persistent and huge roof leak.